Texico is the newest novel from Paul Conrad Buff • Available Nov 1
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How far will the Hollywood elite go to impose their political agenda on the people? And how much will the country take before it fights back? Paul Conrad Buff offers a satirical yet serious look at politics absurdly out of control in this liberals-gone-wild thriller. Buff breaks all literary and social conventions in proving the left doesn’t hold exclusive license on the use of sarcasm and ridicule to make a point. READ MORE
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Texico’s cast of characters includes such media luminaries as Will O’Really, Hannibal and Holmes, Kneel Caputo and others. On the political side, players include Heavenly McClintock, George Bunch, Candy Wright, Tom Terry, Newsome Gringold and LNC Chairman Bean to name but a few.

The story revolves around Tinseltown moguls Georgy Small and Mickey Morse who manage to enlist the services of computer hackers in an elaborate vote rigging scheme to install film star Matt Morrison in the White House. Things go sour when Morrison’s new tax programs and socialized Heavenly-Care begin to destroy the economy. It really gets tense when Georgy’s CPA and a couple of whiz kid colleagues expose the election fraud on Will O’Really’s Squawking Points.

But the libs in Washington remain in lockstep opposition to any talk of investigation of the vote rigging. They also turn a deaf ear on evidence that Hollywoodians also engineered the suspicious auto accident that killed Supreme Court Justice Claymore Thompson, yielding control of the high court to the libs. Frustrated by the fraudulent takeover of the government by socialistic minded maniacs, the State of Texas decides to secede from the union. This angers the libs so President Matt Morrison threatens military action.

In response, the State of New Mexico joins Texas in the secession, declaring the region The Republic of Texico. Tensions escalate further as Morrison increases his threats of military intervention. There is even talk about a possible role for the nuclear facilities seized by the revolutionaries in the former New Mexico.

At this point Mexico, concerned the US will not stop at the border, throws in with Texico in a mutual protection pact. Their defenses include a potential oil embargo against the US as well as the possible releasing of a flood of illegal alien saboteurs into California.

Meanwhile, visionary CEO Herbert Swansen forms a political think tank named The Alamo Project. It is charged with designing a new constitution for the Republic of Texico. In order to stave off anticipated attacks from Washington, The Alamo is heavily fortified and designated as revolutionary headquarters for the renegade nation. The wisdom of this decision is clearly demonstrated when The Alamo is later attacked by a team of FBI agents in Cadillac SUVs and Blackhawk helicopters – an attack that results in stinging humiliation for Washington at the hands of the Texican Rapid Response forces.

A great deal of effort is put forth in defining the new constitution and toward reversing the evils of government that caused class warfare in the US and ultimately the revolution. The steps include dramatic new tax and economic policies, the abolishment of health insurance, the elimination of unions of government workers, revision of discrimination laws and strict limits on the size and scope of government.
All hell breaks loose when the people of Texico ratify the new constitution and declare the territory a sovereign nation. Morrison declares war and promises a bloody invasion as the world prepares for a global meltdown of epic proportions.

In the end… you’ll have to read about it.
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